CMIP® Certified Practitioner Spotlight: Natasha Reiss, CMIP, L.Ac

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We’re pleased to present a new feature in our Blog and Newsletter: CMIP® Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Spotlight!

This month we’re pleased to interview Natasha Reiss, L.Ac and Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP). Natasha is a the owner and founder of TriniQi, LLC and TriniQi Acupuncture, Inc. in La Jolla, California, providing "Ancient systems for personalized wellness.”

The Practical Path: Hi, Natasha! Tell us about your background and credentials in health and wellness.

Natasha Reiss: I am a Licensed Acupuncturist with an M.S. in Traditional Oriental Medicine. My acupuncture career has spanned 20 years and now I specialize in sports injury and wellness, primarily for women, but I do work with some male athletes. As a current competitive swimmer, I attract professional and recreational swimmers, but also treat tennis players, runners, and various teenaged and adult athletes.

TPP: What drew you to Medical Intuition?

NR: I was looking for a way to ignite new energy into my business. My inbox had an email flyer from [Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s] Pacific Pearl La Jolla clinic, advertising Wendie’s class. It was starting in 3 days! Trusting Dr. Guarneri as a skilled cardiologist, I was intrigued by Medical Intuition being offered as a class at her Medical Facility. Not having much time to debate the decision, I jumped in to try it out. What became clear at the beginning is that my skills as an acupuncturist included using my intuition, and that the study of Medical Intuition would be a great way to deepen both my acupuncture practice and my awareness of myself.

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TPP: How does Medical Intuition support your professional practice?

NR: It has added a deep and fulfilling tool that I can add to my acupuncture practice, and helps me be more present and aware when I treat acupuncture patients. In addition, Medical Intuition has augmented my income by my ability to offer a whole new skill set to either my acupuncture patients or others.

TPP: How does Medical Intuition support your life?

NR: I tried to meditate for years and, outside of one breathing technique that I learned from an acupuncturist, did not have luck in finding something that I enjoyed. The grounding and energy practice that I learned in the program is a trustworthy part of my day. It integrates well with my current spiritual beliefs and it helps me see and remove obstacles in the moments when I feel stuck. It is extremely useful when I have challenging interactions with others, and has helped me grow in my relationships, both personally and professionally.

TPP: Anything else you'd like to let people know?

NR: I would recommend this program to anyone looking to deepen their interactions with their patients, themselves, and their friends and family. It is as much for helping oneself as for helping others.

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