Wendie Colter is gifted with the rare ability to not only practice Medical Intuition, but teach it as well. Intuition is an extremely important, though little discussed, attribute of a physician. Wendie’s training program takes intuition to a whole new level. I have successfully worked with a Medical Intuitive in my clinical practice and, most recently, benefited with a personal health issue with Wendie’s guidance.
— Leonard A. Wisneski, M.D., FACP - Clinical Professor of Medicine, George Washington University. Adjunct Faculty, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Division of Integrative Physiology, Georgetown University. Faculty positions in the Dept. of Medicine and Dept. Nursing, The University of Colorado. Former Vice Chairman of the NIH Consensus Panel on Acupuncture and Chairman of the NIH Advisory Board on Frontier Sciences, University of Connecticut.
Having practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 18 years, I have experienced a number of ‘intuitive hits’ but did not know what to do with the information. The Medical Intuitive Training taught me practical skills for opening my own healing potentials on all levels, opening my clients’ healing potentials, and trained me to see ‘qi’ energy in action. As a Medical Intuitive, I can see the physical/emotional pattern of a bodily dysfunction, and can give useful recommendations to a client on options they had not considered. These are powerful, analytical and creative tools for health.
— Natasha Reiss, L.Ac.
As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am now able to ‘see’ where the energy is blocked at the origins of my clients’ issues, and clear the stuck energy that’s causing negative symptoms. I’m getting great feedback from my clients about sudden transformations in their lives.
— Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D.
As a practicing RN with a background in Massage Therapy, Etheric Healing and Reiki, learning to embrace my intuitive self with a structured set of skills has provided a matrix through which all my holistic healing knowledge and medical knowledge can be processed and understood. The Medical Intuitive Training was the bridge that has helped me integrate everything I have learned over many years of healing practice. The Medical Intuitive process helps to identify core issues at the root of my patients’ health issues and this awareness can contribute to true healing on a very deep level.
— Christine Allison, RN, BSN
I now have the knowledge and confidence to see images through intuition, which gets to the core issues that underlie my clients’ health concerns. This allows me to focus my energy work more accurately and effect change more efficiently. Wendie is an outstanding teacher who is capable of guiding and encouraging anyone to make use of their natural intuitive capabilities.
— Linda Negrin, Pranic Healing® Practitioner and Author
I completed the Medical Intuitive training with Wendie. She is so supportive and such a clear communicator. My movement along my path was enhanced. I became aware of intuitive ‘gifts’ I had no idea I had. Thank you, Wendie! I recommend her as an instructor as well as a healer.
— Carole Weeks, Ph.D., Certified Hypnotherapist, Bright Future Hypnotherapy
The Medical Intuitive Training program was well organized and professionally presented. Wendie is a truly gifted teacher - she shared her vast subject knowledge and wisdom with a compassionate heart. She created a safe space for us to learn and grow every step of the way. I loved the way each module laid a foundation for every subsequent module, which enabled me to have sufficient time and opportunity to practice skills. I’ve had so much positive feedback from my clients, which reinforces the viability of the program, the skills learned, and most especially the way it was presented.
— Sue Perisi, Certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, RYT
I can now use Medical Intuitive tools and techniques to discover and examine root causes of my clients’ current conditions. As a professional Reiki Master, I can provide clients with information they may use to heal those original causes. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to provide quick relief and a path to overcome the cause of their discomfort.
— Bob Bowen, Reiki Master, The Reiki Wind School & Healing Center, San Diego, CA
The Medical Intuitive Training is one of the most important steps I’ve taken on my metaphysical/spiritual journey. It awakened me to skills I did not know - or believe - I had, and has deepened and enriched a meditation practice that was scattershot at best before her class. Her teaching style is clear, warm and encouraging and she is excellent at guiding her students to, above all, trust. When something changes your life, you can’t recommend it enough. That’s the case here.
— Paul Katz, Spiritual Counselor/Master Intuitive Healer
Intuition is an integral part of advanced nursing practice. Research acknowledges the importance of intuition as a complimentary skill to the knowledge and experience within the nursing role. The Medical Intuitive Training provides the necessary foundation to develop, nurture and maximize the intuition skills that nurses incorporate into their practice, as well as their lives.
— Orna Avital, RN
Wendie’s system makes it easy to learn these skills and develop Medical Intuition. I enjoyed every class, the homework was manageable, and the online system was easy to navigate. I would do it all over again!
— Nichole Groft, RN
Wendie’s program offered a treasure chest of practical tools and a whole new way of seeing, which I found so empowering. She is a supportive and intuitive teacher - I appreciated her colorful storytelling abilities to make the information accessible. Wendie’s loving and authentic teaching style, along with her evident passion for what she does, is what makes the classes so amazing!
— Liza Sat-Akal Camba, RYT, IKYTA, MDP
After learning how to connect intuitively with my clients using Wendie’s methods, my work has become deeper and more effective. In my psychotherapy practice I am now able to offer witnessing that taps into a person’s self-knowing and self-acceptance in ways I didn’t know were possible.
— Anne Stirling Hastings, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author
I had the pleasure of taking the Medical Intuitive Training and I had an amazing experience. Wendie is a wonderful teacher and the class itself was informative, enlightening and simply a lot of fun. I learned so much and truly appreciate the experience and wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from her. I recommend the program highly.
— Sandra Sokabe, RN
Wendie is an excellent teacher who is dedicated to serving her students and the greater good. Knowing how to trust and engage our intuitive capacities may be the most important muscle we develop, be it for healing, growth or simply navigating life.
— Lindya Geiger Ross, CMT
As an RN and Reiki Master, I’m always looking for new ways to help my clients move forward in wellness. With Medical Intuition, I can give them information that may be at the root of their illness. Medical Intuition is a wonderful skill to see your client as a whole person and not just focus on the symptoms. It can be life-changing!
— Kathy Cueva, RN, Reiki Master, Teacher, The Reiki Wind School & Healing Center, San Diego, CA

Client Testimonials

Wendie’s approach to discovering the root source of medical issues baffling traditional medical methods is a life-saver. Finally, some clarity to the past 12 years of waking up everyday with questions, worry, and doubt. Now that I have a weight lifted off my shoulders I have a direction to focus on toward health and recovery.
— Jeanette A.
Wendie is a talented, inspiring intuitive. Her words of wisdom have helped me greatly on my path to achieving happiness, satisfaction with life and a sense of peacefulness. Working with Wendie is a true investment in yourself, your family and happiness. She will help you learn how to recognize your goals and the path to what really matters to you. I highly recommend her.
— Dr. Janet Hope Sherman, MD
I wasn’t sure what to expect during my session at the Intuitive Clinic, but I was open to whatever unfolded. The conversation began with the students observing the physical symptoms in my body and quickly progressed to understanding the initial triggers for these symptoms. The students provided key information that resonated with me deeply. I had been working on the root of this particular symptom for years and while I was making some progress, I would easily become flustered because I thought, ‘if only I knew what caused this, I could work with it!’ Well, the cause of ‘it’ was a life experience that locked things up in my body. I am so grateful to the compassion, kindness and safe space that the students and Wendie created for me to share in this breakthrough.
— Liz A.
Wendie is a loving and steady guide. She gently helped me reach the source of my issue and set me firmly on the path to healing.
— Elisabeth L.
Wendie is an amazing psychic. She always gets it right and shows me new ways to look at what’s going on in my life and how to understand the deeper message.
— Carrie T.

Presentations & Workshops

Wendie Colter brought warmth, heart, and a keen insight to her presentation on Medical Intuition. The group was fascinated and asked to learn more about her unique approach to intuition.
— Lori Hops, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Co-leader for the Ventura County Local Group of the Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
Wendie is passionate and engaging. Her knowledge is evident and expressed beautifully through her vast experience and case studies. I really enjoyed the class!
— Patricia Wragg RN-BC, CCRN, CHPN, CHTP/I
I gained some very practical skills that I will use every day. I also gained insight into a health problem I’ve dealt with most of my life. I can see how these skills can help me maintain my own health.
— Cara Lawler, Director, Technology and Learning Resources
Insight into the power we all have to identify issues and heal ourselves!
— G. Yost, RN
Allow me to express our thanks and gratitude for a wonderful presentation. The feedback was very positive indeed. You offered your wisdom in a clear, concise and accessible way and people felt inspired by the afternoon. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!
— Michael Lennox, Michael Barton and Jeffrey Marcus, Gay Healer's Circle, Los Angeles
As a physician, I learned to listen more and speak less. I loved that Wendie taught us techniques to assist with energies that are bothering us.
— Flora Danque, MD
The content was easy to grasp and immediately applicable. I learned tools and methods that I can apply to my own personal health awareness and healing, as well as in my professional practice. Thanks for an outstanding experience!
— Lori Johnson, RN, OCN, AHN-BC
An amazing class! I learned how to protect my energy and ground myself. I enjoyed scanning my body and chakras!
— Daniel Gutierrez, Motivational Speaker, Author, Consultant
I learned techniques to read and clear myself, which is invaluable as a healer.
— S. Hashemi, RN
Great insights! The class opened up new ways of addressing known issues.
— Victor B.
Well presented, lots of detailed info. I had a great time!
— Carrie W.
The workshop took it to the next level and made me really look at some blocks and get rid of them!
— Jill L.
I got more connected with what I want, can have, and gratitude for what I do have.
— Patty E.
Wendie is a fabulous teacher... I came out richer in soul and spirit than I have ever been...It was extremely profound... Thank you so much! ♥
— Kim O.