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Medical Intuitive sessions, Biofield Balance Energy Healing sessions and Coaching sessions are conducted privately by phone or Zoom. You will be contacted via email with next available dates/times within 48 hours of purchase. Contact us or call 877-433-6611.


Medical Intuitive sessions can provide you with key information and loving guidance from your own Spiritual Wisdom. Sessions are designed to offer deep insights into your present circumstances and underlying core issues, which can guide you to positive life shifts. An mp3 recording of your reading is provided. Choose 60 or 90 minute session for a Medical Intuitive session. Choose 30 minute session for a single issue only, or Animal session. Extended session lengths are charged at $60 per additional 15 mins., depending on availability.

60 minutes - $225
90 minutes - $295
30 minutes - $120
Reading Package Savings - Three 60 minute sessions - $585
Reading Package must be used within 24 months of purchase

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Clearing blocked energy from physical and emotional stressful life experiences can support the body's inherent healing abilities, which can help you regain a natural state of vibrant health and wellbeing. Each session may include a 15 minute medical intuitive scan of a specific area of concern, followed by a 45 minute energy healing session, including home use self-healing recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Support your body in achieving wellness and balance.

60 minutes - $195 (for sliding scale rates - please Contact)
Biofield Balance Session Package Savings - Three 60 minute sessions - $500
Session Package must be used within 6 months of purchase

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Coaching can give you the framework to create an effective plan for your life goals in a safe space of support. Each session is focused on practical tools that can spark profound shifts, so be prepared to begin creating the life you want and deserve!

FREE 25 minute introductory session - Contact to schedule one now!
Three 60 minute sessions - $585

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Weddings, Eulogies, Ceremonies, House Blessings
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