Medical Intuitive Training®
Skills Refresher

For students of The Practical Path Programs

This class is appropriate for any skill level and any level of practice - whether you've been
reading regularly or haven't read in a long time!

Brush Up Your Skills in These Areas:

  • The Reading Zone - Ground, shield and connect with your Higher Self

  • Practitioner Energy Hygiene - Clean and ground your own energy and your workspace

  • Your Dashboard - Use and create unique reading tools on your personal dashboard

  • Chakra Reading - Full Chakra Scan for imbalances in the chakra system

  • Physical Body Reading - Full Body Scan for imbalances in the physical body

  • Symbols & Belief Systems - Read the energetic structures contained in the body and the biofield

Don't miss this opportunity to re-energize your skills in Medical Intuition!

This class is also a great opportunity to get "back in the saddle" for the
Level 2 Certification Program!


Sunday, January 27th
9:00am - 4:00pm Pacific Time
Live Online Via Zoom
Tuition: $175.00

6 CEs for Nurses
Contact us or call 323-412-0552 for more information

Medical Intuition Skills Refresher Class
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