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Upcoming Events - Spring/Summer 2018

Friday, May 18
Wednesday, May 23

Friday, June 1
Code Lavender Employee Event
Scripps Health (private event, various locations)

Saturday, June 23, 1:30-3:00pm
ACEP San Diego Chapter
Introduction to Medical Intuition
Carmel Valley Public Library
3919 Townsgate Dr, San Diego, CA 92130 - Open to everyone - Contact us for info

Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop
July 15 - In Person, La Jolla, CA
August 12 - Live Online
August 21, 22, 23 - Live Online
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Recent Events:

ACEP 20th Annual Conference
Breakout Session: Intuition and Energy Practices: Accessing the Magic of Mind/Body Wisdom
Friday, May 4

Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Orlando Chapter
Introduction to Medical Intuition
Tuesday, May 8

California Institute for Human Science
Introduction to Medical Intuition
February 28, 2018

Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica
Panel: Medical Intuition in the Workplace
February 20, 2018

IFM Functional Forum, Santa Monica
Introduction to Medical Intuition
February 13, 2018

1st International Conference on the Biofield
and the Science of Healing,
Council of Biofield Scientists
January 20, 2018

Introduction to Medical Intuition

Imagine having the ability to “see” someone’s illness simply by focusing your thoughts on them! Medical Intuition is a unique skill designed to develop and optimize your natural intuition. You can learn to view the sources and underlying causes of illness and discomfort to help restore the health and wellbeing of others, yourself, and your loved ones.

Wendie Colter, Certified Medical Intuitive and Master Energy Healing Practitioner, is one of a very few instructors of Medical Intuition, successfully training doctors, nurses, therapists and holistic practitioners of every kind.

Join us for a fascinating presentation to learn how Medical Intuition can be used as a foundational support to enhance the effectiveness of all healing modalities, as well as a stand-alone skill set.

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