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Wendie Colter, CMIP Certified Medical Intuitive

Wendie Colter, CMIP
Certified Medical Intuitive


Medical Intuitive Training™

Intuitive Development for Wellness Professionals

Medical Intuitive Training offers a powerful intuitive skill set designed to provide fast, accurate health assessments, and is a growing area in the field of complementary and integrative medicine. 

This comprehensive certification program presents a step-by-step method of in-depth intuitive scanning intended to help practitioners deliver integrated holistic healthcare for body, mind and spirit well-being. See Level 1 and Level 2.

Our live online Zoom classroom is a live study environment, not self-study, including in-class practice and real-time
mentoring. Our students come from all over the world providing you an opportunity to grow your community.

Wendie Colter successfully trains doctors, nurses, therapists and complementary/alternative practitioners. Her program
is endorsed by leading healthcare professionals as pivotal to their work. See Testimonials.

A revolutionary new perspective in mind-body medicine, Medical Intuition can provide essential and practical support to any holistic, functional or integrative healthcare practice.
Learn more: What is Medical Intuition?

  • Live online classroom with real-time mentoring and
    in-class practice

  • Certification, Continuing Education credits, up to 186 education hours

  • Our students show 94% accuracy in location/assessment of main health issues, 98% accuracy in connecting life experience to current health issues, and more. Click here to review current research and UCSD Study

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“Wendie Colter is gifted with the rare ability to not only practice Medical Intuition, but teach it as well. Her training program takes intuition to a whole new level.”

— Leonard A. Wisneski, M.D., FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine, George Washington University Medical Center

Imagine the possibilities of being able to
intuitively pinpoint
the root causes of illness,
imbalance and disease!

With our live online classes,
our graduates show
94%+ accuracy rates.
See Study


Powerful and insightful classes and workshops designed to offer paradigm-shifting intuitive skills.


Medical Intuitive sessions can offer deep insights into core issues for positive life shifts.


Guided Meditations

Grow and nurture your intuition
with the free Energy Essentials™ series for wellness & self-care. 


Medical Intuitive Training™ Level 1

The foundations of Medical Intuition, including pinpoint visualization skills and in-depth intuitive scanning designed to identify the root causes of imbalance, illness and disease.

Medical Intuitive Training™ Level 2

Receive your Practitioner Certification in Medical Intuition with the opportunity to build, deepen and hone your skills. Intuitive Clinic is included.

Master Classes

Join your Medical Intuitive Training community for a series of deep dives into key topics designed to round out your education in intuitive mastery.


Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop™

Learn how to create a positive and purposeful connection with your body, mind and spirit using intuitive self-care skills that can help build resiliency and
combat burnout.

Healing with Crystals & Gemstones Workshop™

Crystals and gemstones are considered to be natural vibrational aids for health and wellness. Get hands-on experience in this fun and informative workshop.



“Learning to embrace my intuitive self with a structured set of skills has provided a matrix through which all my holistic healing knowledge and medical knowledge can be processed and understood.”

- Christine Allison, RN, BSN


“The Medical Intuitive Training taught me practical skills for opening my clients’ healing potentials, and trained me to see energy in action. These are powerful, analytical and creative tools for health."

- Natasha Reiss, L.Ac


“As a licensed clinical psychologist, I'm now able to 'see' where the energy is blocked at the origins of my clients’ issues. I'm getting great feedback from clients about sudden transformations in their lives.”

- Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D.


Upcoming Events

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)
19th Annual Conference
Monday, October 14
San Diego, CA
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Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIET)
21st annual Energy Psychology Conference
Thursday, October 17
Vancouver, Canada
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Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop
Saturday, November 9
Tucson, AZ
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