Medical Intuition: Blazing a Trail for Holistic Health

by Wendie Colter, CMIP, CEG, The Practical Path®, Inc.

I teach Medical Intuition to doctors, nurses, mental healthcare professionals and complementary/alternative practitioners at some of the top integrative health and education centers in the country. When I tell people this, their reaction is usually: "How can you teach that? Aren't you just born with it?"

The answer is… we’re all born with it! Intuition is a natural human trait that everyone uses in life, most of the time without thinking too much about it. People will tell you that they “got a hunch,” or had a “gut feeling,” or that they “just knew” something - and when they follow that instinct, it almost always turns out to be correct.

There is a surprisingly large amount of ongoing scientific research on the phenomenon of intuition as it pertains to healthcare, published in respected peer-reviewed journals including the American Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Nursing, and Psychological Science, among many others. This research acknowledges the use of intuition as a key factor in the successful treatment of patients and clients. Click here for research studies.

I’ve been in private practice as a Medical Intuitive for twenty years, and have taught intuitive development for over ten years. Medical Intuition supports the principles of mind-body medicine, an important advancement in both traditional western medicine, as well as in wellness and lifestyle approaches.


Many children show an interest in art, sports or math - I was naturally drawn to intuitive perception from a young age. One of my earliest recollections of intuitive skill was when I was about six or seven years old, humming a popular song to myself. I asked my mother to turn on the radio as I just “knew” there was a song I liked that was playing. When she turned the radio on, the song was playing at exactly the spot where I had been singing it to myself. Similar experiences happened over and over again, and I thought nothing of it. I assumed everyone else could do this, too!

As a teen, I got a summer job at the Bodhi Tree, a renowned New Age bookstore in L.A., where I delved into to a wealth of metaphysical literature. My first experience with the direct use of energy for healing was at Louise Hay’s living room gatherings in Santa Monica, California, when she was working with the Los Angeles AIDS community. These legendary meetings functioned as a unique workshop in how to use thoughts with intention to promote healing.

A bit later, after reading Deepak Chopra’s book “Quantum Healing,” I healed myself of a small tumor using mind-body visualization techniques. This powerful result kick-started a life-long study into the relationship between the mind and the body, and how our thoughts, emotions and energetic “vibration” can affect our health. I studied many different energy-based modalities and skills over the years, and eventually became an instructor of intuition and energy medicine at a seminal school of metaphysics in Los Angeles.

In my energy work practice, I found I was able to “see” into both the physical body and the biofield - subtle-body energy systems including the aura and chakras - in great detail. I also noticed that I could view the origins of an imbalance from a client’s life experience, with information for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Instead of a series of intuitive “hits,” which is the way many people experience their intuition, the information came on demand, with information that was both relevant and timely. I began to shift my work to build on the intuitive visual practice, as that held the foundations for addressing root causes. I noticed that this process provided the opportunity for my clients to gain deeper and more positive awareness for health and well-being.

To learn how to access your own intuition for personal health and wellness, click here for the Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop!

The Corner Turned

The corner turned for me when lovely young woman came for a session with a health issue that none of her doctors could find an answer for. She had constant pain and was given every test, but was finally told her issue was psychosomatic - meaning “in the mind” or stress-based. Her doctors prescribed opioids and anti-depressants. When I assessed the issue with Medical Intuition, I saw a specific energetic imbalance in one of her kidneys, and I urged her to find a specialist that could help.

I didn’t find out until much later what had happened, but heard she found a doctor who was able to corroborate and successfully fix the issue, and she was finally out of pain. Sadly, she was so addicted to opioids by then, she had turned to heroin and, tragically, died of an overdose. I felt strongly that if her doctors had a qualified Medical Intuitive to work with when the tests were inconclusive, perhaps this terrible outcome would not have occurred. The importance of Medical Intuition as a critical support in healthcare, along with the gap in knowledge in the medical world about this valued skill, became very clear to me.

The Practical Path

I began The Practical Path, Inc. to teach Medical Intuition to wellness professionals. The company name reflects my mission and passion to fuse spiritual wisdom traditions with constructive, real world results. I’ve been blessed to present at national healthcare conferences, universities, hospitals, and clinics, including the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM), Prebys Cardiovascular Institute, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and others, as well as live online to practitioners around the world.

The idea of using intuition in healthcare is not such an oddball topic to clinicians from many disciplines, who routinely count on their intuition to let them know when something “seems off.” Even the most traditional practitioners understand that intuitive hunches may lead them to information that could have been missed otherwise.

Results and Research

A pilot survey in 2018 with our certified graduates and volunteer clients showed very promising results. The data was sent to Dr. Paul J. Mills, Professor and Chief of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. We’ve partnered with Dr. Mills and UCSD Center for Excellence in Integrative Health Research to create the first gold-standard research study on Medical Intuition.

This groundbreaking study will use evidence-based research procedures to measure the accuracy and effectiveness of Medical Intuition with our certified graduates and patients from the UCSD medical center. We are currently fundraising for this important effort - please click here for more information!


In addition to those listed above, there are organizations dedicated to furthering biofield research and awareness, including Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and Science and NonDuality (SAND). Most major medical schools and universities now have an Integrative Medicine clinic or educational center, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Most of all, credit goes to our program graduates who are doctors, nurses, mental healthcare professionals, complementary and alternative practitioners, and more. These trailblazers are using their intuition effectively every day in clinics, hospitals and in private practice.

Everyone who chooses to work with a professional holistic practitioner deserves kudos and gratitude, as well! Your participation helps create a healthier world for all.

Until next time -

Wendie Colter, CMIP, CEO/Founder of The Practical Path®, Inc., Intuitive Development for Wellness Professionals. For information on the Medical Intuitive Training™ and Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop™, please visit The Practical Path or call 877-433-6611.