The Practical Path Level 2
Medical Intuitive Certification Program

Become a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner

  • Join our Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioners changing the paradigm for health and wellness!

  • Market and promote yourself as The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner, CMIP®.

  • Apply recognized standards of practice, ethics and professionalism.

  • Be eligible for affiliate programs, promotions and opportunities including our Certified Practitioners database.

Prerequisites for Practitioner Certification Program

  • Level 1 Certificate of Completion

  • Minimum of twelve (12), maximum of twenty (20) documented Practice Client Case Reports

  • Application form submitted

  • Program Director approval

    Prerequisites for Legacy Students
    (graduated Level 2 prior to September 2018)

  • Level 1 Certificate of Completion

  • Level 2, Modules 1-4 Certificate of Completion

  • Level 2, Module 5 attendance (Non-CE)

  • Application form submitted

  • Program Director approval

    NOTE: Until you have completed The Practical Path Practitioner Certification Program, you may not use the term "Certified” or “Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner" in your promotional or marketing materials.

Practitioner Certification (CMIP) Requirements

Medical Intuitive Training Level 2, Modules 1-5

  • Click here to see complete Module Descriptions and Tuition.

Ethics and Legal Training - $125 plus textbook, separate fee paid directly to course presenter (Non-CE)

Practice Client Case Report Documentation

  • Sixty (60) hours of submitted documented Practice Client Case Reports.

  • Practice Client Case Report hours are included towards Certification from the Level 1 and Level 2 programs.

Video Documentation

  • Two of the final ten (10) Practice Client Case Report hours must be submitted as videotaped sessions. You will be provided with notes and/or additional instruction or recommendations.

NOTE: Program Director may require you to submit additional Practice Client Case Report Hours and/or Video Documentation.

Certification Approval

  • You will have one year from the ending date of your Level 2/Module 5 to complete the above requirements.

  • Once you have been approved for Certification, you'll receive:

    • The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Agreement

    • The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Credential by First Class U.S. Post (U.S. and Canada only) or by email if outside of U.S. or Canada. You may opt to pay international postage, priority mail, or other carrier fees.

    • The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive CMIP seal for use in your marketing materials

  • Credential renewal is required every two years. Renewal includes:

    • Participation in one Credential Renewal conference call, or audio/video review

    • Renewal fee of $85 (non-refundable)

    • Passing score on Medical Intuitive Core Competencies written test

    • Proof of practitioner insurance in good standing


  • Click here for upcoming Level 2 dates, tuition and registration.

  • Legacy Students Level 2/Module 5 - Contact us for special rate.

Certification Renewal Fee (Students only)

Certification Renewal Fee
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