Dream Big

"What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." - Goethe


The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to take a look at which of our dreams have manifested and which ones are still bubbling on the back burner.

Every year holds highs and lows, but if we think about this time as a fresh opportunity to create, nurture and work towards achieving our dreams and desires, then we are on the threshold of exciting new adventures!

That said, one of the biggest pitfalls in achieving our goals can be losing motivation.

There are are lots of reasons we can lose motivation. Science has identified three primary sources of resistance to getting things done and where we may be feeling blocked in key areas, including whether or not we are in emotional alignment with our goals.

The good news is that we can use our intuition to help us achieve our most cherished dreams.

Some of the world’s greatest artists, scientists and creators have used their intuition successfully to stay on track to accomplish their goals. In business, you hear people talk about “thinking outside of the box,” or “blue sky thinking.” That means using intuition, or non-linear “right brain” functions, to help us find answers and kickstart motivation.

How to Use Your Intuition to Achieve Your Dreams

The main way I use intuition for goals is by connecting with my “inner manager” to help me with decisions on actions to take. Psychologists call this tapping into the “subconscious mind.” Many spiritual people call this our inner guidance, or Higher Self.

There are many ways to connect with that guidance - here are a few of my favorites:

  • Meditation. Even a few minutes of calming the mind and emotions to focus inward will help you make a connection to your inner guidance. Many people report that they have insights or “a-ha” moments that arise during or shortly after meditation.

    Click here for my guided meditation, “How to Connect With Inner Guidance” - part of the Energy Essentials audio series.

  • Journaling or creative writing, drawing, etc. Letting your mind “go free” and simply writing stream-of-consciousness or doodling can unlock answers to some of the trickiest issues.

  • Dreams. Very often our dreams will hold clues and offer symbols to intuitive knowledge that may be elusive to our conscious mind. Make a note of any key information that may come up in a dream.

I hope you enjoy exploring and growing your intuition to create a motivated and magical new year!


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