UCSD Research Study on Medical Intuition


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This month we have some big news to share that is the culmination of focused effort, positive intention and dedicated support.

Research Study on Medical Intuition

We are very pleased to announce a collaboration between The Practical Path, Inc. and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine for a ground-breaking study on Medical Intuition.

This trailblazing research proposal has grown out of the recognition of the increasing value of Medical Intuition in the clinical setting, and the need for scientific research in this area. Our Pilot Survey has shown exceptional results, and we are hopeful the outcomes of this proposed study will be of benefit to all intuitive practitioners, their patients and clients. 

What is Medical Intuition?

We're deeply grateful to Dr. Paul J. Mills, the Principal Investigator and Director of the Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health at UCSD. The Practical Path Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioners will be working closely Dr. Mills and the Center of Excellence. This full-scope study will be the first of its kind to study this unique skill.
We are fundraising for this important study and need your support! 

This is an incredible opportunity! But we need your help. Evidence-based research is the cornerstone of integration and acceptance into the critical role of healthcare. Our vision includes qualified Medical Intuitives at hospitals, clinics, and ERs, and incorporating intuition development into essential healthcare training. Your donation will help us raise the funds to accomplish this paradigm-changing goal.

Donate to the Research Fund:

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    • Important: Type MED INT STUDY in the Special Instructions field so your donation will be earmarked for this research.   

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