Peeling The Onion


Just when we think we've learned the important lessons of life, another experience comes along that makes us question whether we've really learned anything at all! When one layer comes off, there is always another one waiting underneath. Is life simply a never-ending process of "peeling the onion"?

Where do all these onion layers come from? Studies have shown that detrimental patterns of thought and behavior are created from early childhood traumas or by the limiting beliefs that we might take on. 

Scientific research has also found that family trauma can be passed down through our genes, and activated in our own DNA. Unwanted patterns can also come from experiences we may have brought forward from past lives, which have been known to cause unexplained phobias or anxiety in the present. This can all seem a bit like the onion layers have no end!

The good news is that most of us are already very experienced at peeling back our own onion layers. We reflect on our lives and know that our perspectives in many areas have changed for the better, and that over time we have become more balanced and whole.

But we all seem to have some unwanted patterns that we've been working on for years, decades even - that we still have not resolved. Why do some of our life patterns seem so "sticky," no matter how hard we try to let them go?

Modern medicine, psychology and complementary and alternative methods all have interventions to address this question. Some will work better for your issues than others, and finding the right help is often a process of trial and error.

As a Medical Intuitive, I have a different perspective. I look for energetic patterns in the body, mind and spirit that may be at the root of imbalances. Ultimately, these energy patterns can limit our ability to heal and grow.

A Medical Intuitive assessment is intended to offer a comprehensive perspective on states of energetic balance. A qualified Medical Intuitive looks for when and where a pattern of imbalance may have begun in your unique energy, and why it might persist. In the physical body, patterns may manifest as illness or disease. In the mental and emotional bodies, they can show up as conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs. In the spiritual body, they can obscure the big picture of our personal life lessons.

This holistic viewpoint is designed to reveal the full scope of when, why and how an issue has become "stuck," and help people find effective paths to health and well-being. Our graduate students are successfully using the powerful skillset of Medical Intuition to bring deeper levels of awareness and relief to their clients and patients.

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To learn more about how to help "peel the onion" on limiting patterns, we recommend the Energy Essentials™ Guided Meditations and the Medical Intuitive for Healing Workshop.

We recommend the Medical Intuitive Training to wellness professionals who are ready to bring this powerful, paradigm-shifting skill into their holistic practices.