What is the Mind-Body Connection?


What is the mind-body connection? Can we create our own "happy place" where our minds can go to support our bodies in improving health and wellness? Almost everyone can feel "disconnected" from their body at times. If you are struggling with a health issue, the mind-body connection may seem completely out of reach.

Much has been written and studied about this elusive and desired state! Meditation techniques such as Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation and others, engage a process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, including being aware of your breath or focusing on a simple visual or sound. These practices can calm the emotions and the limbic system to bring a greater sense of peace and balance.

Some psychologists suggest active physical movement, taking frequent breaks at work, enjoying nature, journaling, and even improving your posture to enhance a state of mind-body awareness. Body-based approaches, like yoga and biofeedback, can also help create a connection.

And, yes - there's an app for that!


As important and helpful as these techniques are, as a Medical Intuitive I find that many are missing an essential point of view. If we truly want to know what our bodies need and want, we have to learn how to "listen" to them - deliberately and in detail. Our bodies do have their own conscious awareness and can tell us what they want for our optimum health and wellness.

Medical Intuition is a deliberate skill of "tuning in" to receive the body's messages. Because of our need to reduce stress, avoid burnout and boost resiliency, I've created two options for you to learn how to connect your mind with your body.

The Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop is designed to help you learn and practice unique intuitive visualization techniques to create your "happy place" for mind-body communication and personal self-care.

Workshop participants have reported that they now have:

  • A personal way to connect and communicate with their own bodies

  • A profound sense of awareness and understanding about their health issues

  • Powerful self-scanning visualization skills - the cornerstone of Medical Intuition!

Click here to learn more about the Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop.

Your Body's Wisdom is a free Guided Meditation that has received rave reviews from my clients! This simple step-by-step audio gives you the opportunity to begin a conversation with your own body, and can assist you in accessing deeper information. Click here to listen.

Until next time - stay inspired!

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