Healing with Crystals & Gemstones

"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation." - Nikola Tesla

Okay, I admit I am a TINY bit obsessed about crystals and gemstones! But, how can you blame me? These natural gifts from the earth are not only gorgeous to look at, but are considered to have wonderful energetic properties to raise our vibrations for emotional and physical balance and wellbeing.

I use crystals and gemstones in energy healing as well as in my daily life. While I was working in the corporate world, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't have a calming sodalite, a positive charoite or a grounding obsidian gemstone in my pocket or purse. Now I keep a line-up of stones next to my computer screen that are excellent at neutralizing EMF's, including fluorite, amazonite and black tourmaline.

Every year, I travel to Arizona for the annual mineral and gemstone shows. Distributors come from all over the world to showcase their beautiful wares. I've found spectacular Grade A lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, knock-out clear quartz clusters from Brazil's Carinto mine - world renowned for the clarity of their crystals, 25 million year old copal amber from Colombia, amazing malachite and chrysocolla straight from the African Congo - and more. There's always something new and interesting to see.

I look for unique and special gemstones for the students who come to the Healing with Crystals & Gemstones Workshop. I'm also on the lookout for unusual specimens to sell online at The Store (click here to take a look).

Pendants made with healing stones are also a wonderful way to access and enhance our energy, as well as having a lovely piece of jewelry to wear. Some people like wearing a small pouch with their favorite stones, as well. (Click here to see the available pendants at The Store.)

I'm sure for those of you who are NOT obsessed, this all might sound a bit mystifying. The good news is that working with crystals and gemstones is not difficult to do. I recommend a trip to your local crystal shop. If there isn't a crystal shop in your area, there are many Gem and Mineral shows that travel to city centers. A quick online search will usually pull up a lot of options.

Take some time and see which stones look interesting to you. Gemstones have many properties, and I've found that people tend to gravitate to the ones that have attributes that correspond to something they may be wanting or needing.

Pro tip: Put each stone in the palm of your hand one at a time and see if you can feel the vibration. It may feel strong or subtle, but it always surprises people how different each stone feels. You may also find that the prettiest stones may not necessarily have the most "power" for you. Trust your intuition!

There are many ways to use crystals and gemstones. You can make gemstone elixirs, gemstone grids and more. While lying down, you can lay them on top of each of the major chakra points, including above the head and below the feet, as well as in either an arc or a complete circle around the body. In my energy work, I often put a crystal or gemstone underneath the chair, or ask my client to hold a gemstone in each hand during the healing. This is a lovely way to enhance your client's experience.


Another way I love to enhance my experience of gemstones is with the Crystal Cave Guided Meditation - click to enjoy this lovely journey into deeper knowledge about crystals!

The Healing with Crystals & Gemstones Workshop is always a terrific time - we have loads of fun learning about and trying out new crystals and gemstones. I hope to see you there!

Until next time - stay inspired!