"What you resist, persists. What you embrace, you transform." - Carl Jung


One of the enduring themes in self-healing work is the concept of forgiveness. When this word comes up, most people think about forgiving others in order to release resentment and anger. Forgiving others is, of course, an important step in any emotional healing process.

From an energetic perspective, though, the most important place to begin in Forgiveness work is in forgiving ourselves. Our 3rd chakra holds our sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and the health of our 3rd chakra ultimately becomes the bellwether of how much we can forgive ourselves or others.

Many people work with their 4th chakras for the purpose of increasing self-love and forgiveness, which is completely understandable as the 4th chakra governs the ability to give and receive love. But without the 3rd chakra's strength and support, our healing may be incomplete. 

In my work as a Medical Intuitive, energetic blocks to self-forgiveness seem to come up in nearly every session. Most of us have had trauma experiences of some kind in our lives, which can lead to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. We may feel completely justified in our perspectives towards those who have hurt us, and we may feel that someone else needs to apologize before we can even begin to forgive them.

Though all that may be true, consider that the emotional energies of resentment and anger can take years to process, all the while taking a heavy toll on our 3rd chakras. If we can begin forgiving ourselves first we can raise our energetic permission levels to help rehabilitate our 3rd chakra powers of self-worth. Once we have truly forgiven ourselves, forgiving others may feel like less of a compromise or insurmountable goal.

Here are some of my favorite ways to raise self-forgiveness and rehabilitate the 3rd chakra:

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Until next time - stay inspired!