You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

“You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first."

When we hear the term "self-care," most of us have a pretty good idea of what that means. We think of going to the gym, getting a massage, taking a walk, drinking our healthy morning smoothie, and other options that promote wellbeing. 

But, in our busy, overbooked lives - how much time do we really spend on self-care? How many of us are guilty of powering through our workday, grabbing meals on-the-go, rushing towards the next deadline, and falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day? Self-care can easily be overlooked, but it's truly the last thing we want to neglect.

Self-care is a big business these days - every magazine seems to be chock full of tips and tricks on how to reduce stress, streamline your life and give you advice on integrating healthy routines. There are new self-care products coming out every day with the trendiest information, the latest science and the hottest new gear. There are lists of 12, 45 and even 70 tips for kick-starting your self-care!!

With all of this input, we can get caught up in trying anything and everything... and miss the point! Until we realize that we are listening to everyone - except our own bodies - all the best advice in the world may not stick. Believe it or not, your body has a lot to tell you - and it really wants you to listen.

As a Medical Intuitive, it's my job to listen to my client's bodies. I get detailed information from their physical and energetic systems that is extremely specific to them - and may not fit anyone else. People are not "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to self-care, health and healing.

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The process of tuning in to the body's wisdom is often called the "Mind-Body connection." The Medical Dictionary defines Mind-Body Medicine as: "an holistic approach... that recognizes the effect of thought, feeling and belief on health, as well as the impact of health and illness on attitude and thought." (Farlex and Partners, 2009)

This definition points to our personal awareness as a main factor in wellbeing. Medical Intuition is a visualization skill that connects the mind and the body, so that you can honor and nurture your own inner wisdom. The mind-body connection may seem elusive or even unattainable - but it's actually as simple as seeing an image, or visualization, in your mind's eye. 

This may sound silly, but if I ask you NOT to think about a purple elephant...with a long purple trunk... and big purple ears... all you may be able to think about now is a purple elephant! Visualization is a natural, human skill which you can develop to create a strong bond between your mind and your body that will support your journey of self-healing and self-care.

I've created a new workshop called Medical Intuition for Healing. You'll learn deeper intuitive skills that will power up your visualization, and focus and balance your energy. This workshop is for anyone who'd like to access their own intuition for self-care and healing. CLICK HERE for information on when the next workshop begins.

Until next time - stay inspired!


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