My Healing Story

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller

Life has a funny way of bringing us challenging experiences that we may later think about as important turning points in our lives. Change often comes from adversity, but can also shift us into a brand new or expanded awareness. My first life-changing experience with visualization skills set me on the path to becoming a healer and a Medical Intuitive.

From a young age, I was interested in alternative ways of healing. I studied herbal medicine, meditation techniques and various spiritual approaches. I read many books, including Deepak Chopra's "Quantum Healing," which outlines his experiments in teaching visualization techniques to his patients to help them heal.

In my early 30's, while going through a stressful, emotional time, my body decided to grow a small tumor. My doctor called it "dysplasia," meaning cells that are abnormal but not cancerous. She wanted to remove it, to be on the safe side. I asked her if she'd be okay if I used visualization techniques to try to shrink the tumor before the scheduled surgery.

I'll never forget the odd look she gave me, her head tilted to one side like a perplexed puppy! I could have been speaking a foreign language in that moment, as nothing I explained about visualization for healing made sense to her. But, to her credit, she didn't have any objections, and the surgery was scheduled for two weeks later.

I gave some thought to an image I could use for my visualization. There's a commercial for a cleaning product in the U.S. featuring cute little bubble scrub brush cartoons. Their only job is to clean your sink until it shines, using their bubbly power! The image made me giggle, which also made the visualization exercise a lot of fun. So, over the next two weeks, for a few minutes after my daily meditation, I visualized happy bubbles joyfully scrubbing the tumor away!

Two weeks later at the pre-op exam, I heard my doctor gasp. Thinking my visualization practice had backfired, I panicked and nearly shouted, "What's wrong?" She gave me that puzzled puppy look again and said, "It's half the size that it was two weeks ago. What did you do?" After the surgery, I gave her a copy of Dr. Chopra’s book.

My personal experience of using visualization for self-healing was one of those truly paradigm-shifting moments. I understood that the mind-body connection was real and accessible to everyone. I set out on a life-long path to becoming an energy healer, and continued to develop the skills of visual intuition. I am now not only a Medical Intuitive, but I also teach certificate programs in Medical Intuition to healthcare professionals, so they can use it for deeper accuracy in treating their patients and clients.

A New Workshop in Self-Healing that is open to EVERYONE

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Until next time - stay inspired!

P.S. If you'd like to try a sample of what you'll learn in the Medical Intuition for Healing workshop, listen to the Guided Meditation titled Your Body's Wisdom.