Level 1 Tuition - Live Online

Level 1 Tuition - Live Online

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Supercharge your holistic practice with Medical Intuition! The Mayo Clinic has determined that up to 44% of medical cases are misdiagnosed every year. Medical Intuition offers a unique and effective skill set and is a fast growing area of expertise in the health and wellness fields.

Develop your natural intuition with Medical Intuitive Training! Learn fast and accurate pinpoint identification skills with Meta-Visual Assessments™ to locate and evaluate the root causes of body imbalances. Gain powerful and effective energy clearing tools with Biofield Balance™ technique to help your clients reach their full potential for health and wellness. These skills can be used as stand-alone modalities or as an addition to any holistic, alternative or integrative health practice. The course is presented in four weekend modules with extensive in-class practice and case work. CE Credits Available for Nurses and Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers. 

"As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am now able to 'see' where the energy is blocked at the origins of my client's issues, and clear the stuck energy that's causing negative symptoms. I'm getting great feedback from my clients about sudden transformations in their lives." - Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D.

"Wendie is an excellent teacher who is dedicated to serving her students and the greater good. Knowing how to trust and engage our intuitive capacities may be the most important muscle we develop, be it for healing, growth or simply navigating life." - Lindya Geiger Ross, MA, CMT

"Medical Intuitive Training provides the necessary tools to develop, nurture and maximize the intuition skills that most nurses incorporate into their practice, as well as their lives." - Orna Avital, RN, Los Angeles, CA

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