What's Your Intuitive IQ?

"The only real valuable thing is intuition." - Albert Einstein

Are you intuitive? Do you call yourself an empath or feel like you have more "antennas" to pick up information or energy, than other people? Do you trust your hunches and gut feelings? Does your intuition work for you sometimes... and sometimes not at all?

Some of the world's greatest thinkers placed a high value on intuition, even over education or intelligence. Artists, scientists, writers and many creative people depend on their intuition to enhance and guide their work.

Though many cultures and societies don't acknowledge intuition openly, our ability to be aware of, and honor, our inherent intuition is still recognized and valued. Even business people are noticing the importance of intuition - check out this recent article in Forbes Magazine!

If you believe you're intuitive - or even if you don't - take the Intuitive IQ self test below and see how you rate with your own Intuition!

Answer each question with:
3 points for OFTEN
2 points for SOMETIMES
1 point for NEVER


1. I trust my gut feelings and hunches to lead me to the right outcome.

2. I get instant strong negative or positive feelings when I meet someone new.

3. I have used my intuition to enter contests and win.

4. I feel a strong sense of life purpose and mission.

5. When I don't listen to my gut feelings or intuition, I regret it later.

6. I can sense or "feel" the energy of a room or building when I first walk into it.

7. People wonder how I make decisions with certainty, even without knowing all of the facts.

8. Before a negative incident occurs, I have a strong sense of worry, foreboding or a "knowing" about it.

9. Before a positive incident occurs, I have a strong sense of excitement, happiness or a "knowing" about it.

10. My creative ideas feel as if they come from "somewhere else."

11. I wake up after sleep with answers to questions I've been thinking about.

12. I can tell when someone is lying to me or telling the truth.

13. I get the answers to my life's questions during meditation or prayer.

14. I know when someone I care for is in distress, before I am aware of the situation.

15. I've avoided dangerous situations by using my intuition.

16. I've found lost objects or found my way when I was lost, by using my intuition to guide me.

17. I can get feelings of "deja-vu" in places I've never been to before, or with people I've never met before.

Add up your points and read on!

17-28 points: Developing Intuition. You may be learning to trust your intuition and have used it to help navigate your life from time to time. Even if your intuition seems like it comes and goes, you can learn to develop it to be more reliable and dependable. You're off to a great start!

To develop your intuition further, listen to the Energy Essentials™ Series on the Guided Meditations page and check out the Medical Intuition for Healing Workshop.

29-39 points: Expressing Intuition. You are likely to acknowledge your intuitive nature and may feel attuned to your own intuitive "compass." You may be using your intuition to connect with the emotions and experiences of other people, close friends and family. You may also be accessing your intuition in your career or life goals, which can give you extra insight to help you get ahead. Keep paying attention to the messages your intuition brings, and it will grow!

40-51 points: Integrating Intuition. People may wonder about the "special gift" you seem to have! You may feel a strong, positive relationship to your intuition, and are likely to be using it daily to guide you through life's decisions, ups and downs. You may also feel a sense of life purpose or mission, possibly with a directed focus towards the healing and betterment of humanity.

We recommend the Medical Intuitive Training to all wellness professionals to optimize your holistic healing practice.

Until next time - stay inspired!