The Practical Path to Medical Intuition

This month I am featuring a Guest Blog by Spiritual Counselor and Master Intuitive, Paul Katz. Paul graduated from the Medical Intuitive Training Level 1 and Level 2 programs, and writes about his profound, personal experience. I'm deeply grateful to Paul for sharing his insights! - Warmly, Wendie


In July of 2014, I attended a seminar on energy medicine and struck up a conversation with a Medical Intuitive named Wendie Colter.  

I first heard of Medical Intuition in the mid-1990s when Oprah Winfrey featured author and Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss on her program. I admired the no-nonsense, matter-of-fact way Myss communicated meta-physical principles. Wendie's perspective was similar.

I'd just spent four years studying to become a Licensed Practitioner of Science of Mind [SOM], but was unable to complete training through the school I was at. Options to finish elsewhere weren't available or right, so I internally "re-branded" myself as an independent Spiritual Counselor.

Even so, I felt a bit stuck. I feared no one would take me seriously without a certificate or accreditation to legitimize me outside of my own mind.

I wanted to continue studying something, and was intrigued that Wendie teaches Medical Intuition, but had no clue how it would fit with my practice or counseling. 

By Wendie's definition, "Medical Intuition is a 'meta-sensory' skill set that uses visualization and scanning techniques to 'view' a client's physical anatomy and energy systems. 

"A practitioner can quickly assess physical issues to help a client find the best health options, and also access the root causes, or originating traumas, that allowed an imbalance or disease to manifest in the first place. It's a holistic mind and body approach that can allow for healing on every level, not just physical but also emotional, mental and even spiritual."

Wendie teaches doctors, nurses, psychologists, massage therapists, and holistic healers of every kind. As a Spiritual Counselor, I fit the bill. Even so, while I'd always been fascinated by intuitive and energy work, my "left-brained", logical and very cerebral side wouldn't allow me to believe it was something I could do. 

However, something about the word "practical" in Wendie's company name, The Practical Path, appealed to my "meat and potatoes" sensibility. There was a spark. I decided to sign up.

In the first class, I learned how to do a Medical Intuitive scan, which involved certain types of visualizing with my eyes closed. My confidence level wasn't so hot. While I enjoyed what I would see while visualizing, I didn't trust the 'medical intuitive' aspect of what I was doing very much. Fear, self-judgment and a need for validation were always in my way. 

As classes continued, I worked through those blocks and things began to happen. 

In one practice session with a classmate, I saw problems with their reproductive area, including a potential for cancer. I also saw that the physical issues had roots and causes in the emotional relationship with their father.  

I knew nothing about this person. When practice was over, they not only confirmed the exact bodily health issues I described, but the family history I saw.   

With emphatic shock, I said, "Really?"

The person told me they had never considered a link between the long-standing emotional wound and the current physical problem, but that they instinctively knew the information I gave was correct and valuable. The correlation made total sense.

It was as if a light bulb was turned on, for them and me. This experience fell perfectly in line with Wendie's definition of Medical Intuition. I wasn't observing someone else's skill. This was no "lucky guess." 

I was the Medical Intuitive. My confidence, and life as I knew it, changed. 

The skill of my classmates further validated the work. During another exercise, one saw that one of my ribs was cracked.

She was specific in saying the crack occurred when I was a teenager. "Someone either tackled you or did something physical that caught you off guard," she said. Then she added, "Your rib has never fully healed. This is because it serves as a reminder to watch your back. You can be too trusting."

I was in a high school gym class and the day's sport was wrestling, which was not my thing. The gym coach stupidly paired me with an experienced wrestler who went overboard with one move and knocked the wind out of me. I couldn't breathe for what seemed like an eternity, but recovered.

As I never experienced any residual physical pain, I never had reason to check anything out or tell anyone what happened. My parents never knew. No one knew. Only I knew. 

In the early '90s and then again 20 years later, I had x-rays taken for another reason. Both times, the film showed a spot on one of my ribs. The original doctor did follow ups to make sure the spot wasn't some sort of growth, but the more recent doctor asked if I recalled any blunt trauma happening to the area.

I "flashed" to the wrestling incident, which I likely hadn't thought about since it happened. I'd never connected that dot.

Now my classmate was seeing both what happened and the resulting problem with my rib. The emotional ramification made sense as well. I've been known to be too trusting of people and situations only to wind up blindsided.

After completing Wendie's programs, I am a Medical Intuitive practitioner and Master Intuitive Healer. 

There are many surprises on top of that development. One is how much I genuinely enjoy doing the work. In fact, for all the things I love to do, I don’t remember anything making me feel quite as fulfilled and happy.

The feedback I've received in and out of the classroom has been rather staggering. My accuracy rate appears quite high and every person I've worked with has expressed they feel more at peace after a session.

On a more deeply personal level, I was never particularly good at meditating and now it's tough to get me out of meditation. The visualizations are unlike anything I’ve ever known. When I’m working with people, I will invariably say to them, “I wish I could place you inside my mind so you could see what I see.” I’ve never had dreams, or even daydreams, so rich, deep and vivid.

My knowledge of Spiritual Truth and Principle is enhanced. In my SOM experience, I’d only get glimpses of a connection to “something bigger than me” when I would engage in deep affirmative prayer. It seemed I couldn’t maintain or sustain the feeling out of prayer. That has changed. I feel connected more often than not, in or out of prayer.

Beyond all of that, while I now have paper validations that I am “legit” in what I do, I also have gotten better at understanding that my own sense of personal validation will always trump the pieces of paper.

I've not only discovered an ability I never imagined I possessed, but I also see potential for other people to discover their own ability and how Medical Intuition can serve the future of medicine and healing. 

I would never have gained any of this new perspective, however, without Wendie Colter. This blog doesn’t come close to scratching the surface of how I’ve benefitted from her encouragement and expertise as a teacher.


Paul Katz is a Spiritual Counselor and Master Intuitive Healer in Los Angeles, and has a blog on the Huffington Post:

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